Reserve Authority has adjusted our fees to accelerate our Members’ progress while helping to impact the global economy in these unprecedented times. Together, our members are evolving full speed ahead into the future. – Verlin Daylin, Founder



We connect Visionaries, Pioneers, Global Shapers, Inventors, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, Investors, Experts, Specialists, and other influential World Leaders to the most future-focused companies on Earth. #100YearThinkers

How it works…

Membership & Declaration Gateway
Memberships is how we ensure we’re among Declared #100YearThinkers at the forefront of invention, innovation, exploration, discovery, and world development. Anyone can be a 100 Year Thinker by embracing our Vision & Values but Declared 100 Year Thinkers take a risk, invest in their Vision, play the long game, and proactively seek out opportunities that might shape the future.

Note: Declared 100 Year Thinkers are in high demand by the most influential organizations and companies around the world.

Declared 100 Year Thinkers can… 

Share Our Vision & Values
Together, our members are evolving some of the most important companies designed for the future while leaving a better planet Earth for the Children of Tomorrow. Our Vision & Values.

Explore Endeavors & Opportunities
Get a sneak peek of some of the Endeavors & Opportunities currently in our public pipeline then engage with us based on your personal agenda and risk tolerance.

Invest in the Future
Members who are verified Accredited Investors get periodic special emails about early-bird opportunities in the pipeline. Verified Accredited Investors members are free to invest in any way they wish, while even participating in the negotiation and due diligence phase. Accredited Investors offer freedom-level capital to the most future-focused companies and leaders on Earth. Visit (Additional verification fees will apply in the near future)

Note: Members who have been verified as Accredited Investors also get access to invite-only events, personal introductions to industry leaders, and other early-bird opportunties as we all evolve into the future.

Apply to Present a Future-Focused Company
Companies may apply to present and be vetted by Reserve Authority and verified Accredited Investors for access to freedom-level capital and human resources. Learn more at

Virtual Pitches
10-20 companies present each year via a scheduled interactive webinar. Updates will be sent periodically to Members via email.

World Development Events
Investors and companies converge throughout the year at in-person summits that take place around the globe. Find an upcoming event at (Additional fees may apply)

Co-Develop or Host an Event
Members with event organization experience may submit to co-develop or host a future event for our members. Learn more at

Speak on the World Stage
Members with expert knowledge of high-value to our other members are invited to speak at future events, virtual gatherings, or on our podcast. Learn more at (This is not a paid offer but the long-term value is real)

Sponsor the Future
Members have the opportunity to Sponsors the Future via as we evolve into the future. We’re currently planning for the 2050 World Jubilee & Exposition which will take place worldwide starting NYE2050 and continue throughout the entire year. Even more, we’re unlocking Strategic Sponsorship and Partnership opportunities as we evolve towards 2050 as we also shape the 2100 World Jubilee & Exposition.

Legacy Talk (One-on-One)
Legacy Talk is designed for members who demand a bit more anonymity and comfort in exploring their individual ideas. It’s offered only as a One-on-One discussion either by phone or in person. Learn more at (Additional fees apply)

Note: Declared Year Thinkers are entitled to one 25min Phone Call (One-on-One) and my schedule at This is a limited time offer during this time of global hardship.

World Leadership Teams
Find and lead companies into the future while engaging in world development or start a new endeavor from scratch. Learn more at

Benefits & Requirements…

Declared 100 Year Thinkers have the audacity to claim their own vision and forge their pathway into the future without apology. They boldly accept that hard work, focus, leadership, risks, struggles, sacrifices, obstacles, and absolute patience are necessary when shaping the future.

From this vantage point, Declared 100 Year Thinkers have the power to level up, pave the way for others to evolve, and collectively make an an impact on world development and human progress at large. 100% of all 100 Year Thinkers are aiming for Legacy. Declare only when you’re ready.



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