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100 Year Thinkers are the Visionary leaders at the forefront of invention, innovation, exploration, discovery, and society. Every day we converge in organizations around the world to evolve commerce, technology, science, engineering, humanitarianism, and other world development matters. Our Vision is to empower each other to go big, go fast, and go far in the pursuit of our personal endeavors and in our united efforts to shape a better world for the benefit of the Children of Tomorrow. 

100% of all 100 Year Thinkers are aiming for Legacy. We all have the audacity to claim our vision and forge our pathway into the future without apology. Even more, we boldly accept that the long-term routine of hard work, focused learning, leadership, risks, struggles, sacrifices, obstacles, and absolute patience is the only way forward into the future. It’s a time tested method that works, it unlocks opportunities in ways that others do not understand, and it’s a paradigm of knowledge and experience that we think everybody should know regardless of their origin. From this vantage point, we each have the strength to level up, pave the way for others to level up, and collectively make an extraordinary impact on the next 100 years of world development. 

Declare only when you’re ready to evolve into the future. Your declaration is a 1-Time subscription that cements your Personal Oath to your own Vision and lets us notify you (via periodic email notifications) of evolving world development opportunities. We do not spam.

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*Your declaration is a 1-Time subscription that cements your personal oath to your own Vision and lets us notify you (via periodic email notifications) of evolving world development opportunities. We do not spam.

– You’re 100% in control of all your choices and long-term results. Any information we provide is made for humanitarian and educational use only.

– Your declaration does not relinquish you of any of your rights or properties, nor does it grant you any rights to any other entities’ properties.

– Long-term vision and delayed gratification are paramount for all 100 Year Thinkers. The scale of the endeavors we evolve requires foundational time to develop for precision, simplicity, and overall future sustainability.

– You’re encouraged to share your declaration with your inner-circle at any time you’re ready to accelerate and level up. It will matter.

– We will not ask you for a testimonial. For 100 Year Thinkers who need a bit more anonymity and comfort, we invite you to engage in ‘1-on-1 Legacy Talk’. Check availability at reserveauthority.com/talk

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